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Mai Takada

Design coordinator / Producer

I aim to be attentive, to inspire constructive communication within the team and to bring out their creativity in the workplace. When a single colleague cannot fulfill a vision, we help each other out and make it possible. In order to achieve this, I find it important to experience and empathize at first hand, and narrate through my own words. This relies largely on trusting my own instincts so most of my time is perhaps spent clearing my mind prepping myself physically and mentally.

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Yui Takada


Graphic designer / Art director /

Associate Professor of Tokyo Zokei University

I think it is an important role of design to see the client’s goal from a different angle and together expand our views. This is why my designs allow room for experimentation and challenge. I make it my lifetime work to find interesting typefonts and signs on the street. When I see things beyond the rules of design, it takes me back to the basics – that design can be represented and expressed freely.

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Tomomi Yamada

Graphic designer/ Art director

I aspire to harmonise everyone involved with our company throughout the entire design process. Being harmonious links together all good opinions but never losing sight of the goal is a prerequisite to good harmony. I find it very creative amalgamating something so organic as different opinions and perspectives into one shared purpose.

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齋藤拓実 Takumi Saito

グラフィックデザイナー/ アートディレクター/ コーヒーピープル


常に周囲を気にかけ、気遣うことを忘れないようにしています。 配慮や気配り、優しさのようなものが日々のデザインやコーヒーに滲み 目には見えない空気感や匂い、奥行きを生むように思います。 依頼をしてくれた人と一緒により良いものを作ったり、 心地良い時間を生み出す手助けをしていきたいです。

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